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ZAM Design is a Vancouver-based interior design firm specializing in residential, retail and hospitality environments. Founded by design principal Zoe Zhao, we are a creative team dedicated to crafting holistic spaces informed by our clients’ visions, lifestyle and stories. 


Zoe thinks design is the insight into what people instinctively need from a space. She cares about what people need from their environment, what makes them feel at ease, what excites them and what inspires them. Designing a space is another form of universal verbal language that communicates the value of design because it transcends time, space, language, and culture. As a hospitality and retail designer, she believes that design connects elements like color and lighting or merchandising and fixtures.

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Based in Vancouver, ZAM Design offers interior design and consulting services with a growing portfolio including projects ranging from new residential builds and full-scale renovations to commercial projects.  Working in-tandem with site managers, contractors, and homeowners, we take the guesswork out of interior design and create homes and businesses where people want to be.

We approach each project, whether residential or commercial, with a unique understanding of the logistical rhythm of a space. Our style employs a blend of contemporary lines with earthy textures — fused with vintage pieces from a variety of periods — resulting in a layered look, rich in texture and influence yet completely livable.

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