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User Persona

Problem Statement

Leah is a doctor with a busy and demanding schedule. She works unpredictable shifts in a mid-size hospital. Leah would like for there to be an easier and efficient way to order food, groceries, and personal care items. She has a visual impairment for which she uses screen reader technologies. She also would like to be able to spend as much of her non-work time as possible on her hobbies and personal life.

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Leah is a doctor with busy working schedule everyday who needs o easily place the order through app and get the delivery on time, or make the payment on app and pick up the order in store, because she wants to make a daily order at any time she needs.

User Journey Map

Goal --------- An easy and efficient way to order the bakeries on app any time during the busy personal schedule. (Screen Reader Service Available)

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With the Breka Bakery app, users can easily order high-quality baked goods, including healthy options that can be customized to their liking. This is a great option for those who are short on time but still want to enjoy delicious, fresh-baked treats.


One of my main challenges is the lack of resources and time that I had  during the design and development phase. With this challenge, I have to reiterate the designs in order to be achievable within time and technical constraints, while still providing an overall and functional product to potential users. 

There are still improvements that can be made and the product needs to be tested on the real market with real users. At this stage of the process, the focus was to complete the primary user flow. To complete the app, more sections need to be refined and tested to find out of the pain points have been effectively addressed.

Were I to continue to develop this project, my next steps would be to iterate on the last round of feedback from my usability study. Also, add more features to make the product accessible to all.  I would continue to iterate until I was satisfied with the user flow and and then package my files to send to a UX Engineer for development.

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